Friday, February 5, 2010

Toy Guns, Real Life, and the Idiots Called Experts

The experts always ruin a good thing. Toy firearms were mainstays of my childhood and imagination. I played policeman and cowboy. My toy guns looked real. The experts thought that playing with toy guns was bad. It led to violence. Some people couldn't tell toy guns from real and shot some kids apparently. This led to every toy gun left either being cast in some unnatural color or having a huge orange cap added to the barrel. Bye, bye shooting little plastic projectiles. They didn't hurt anybody, but they were apparently evil.

So what do we have today? Real guns that look like toys and a generation of kids who never played with toy guns (and having TV shows sanitized of violence or rendered ridiculous like the A-Team being a bunch of military experts - experts again - firing thousands of rounds per week, but missing everyone)who walk into their classrooms and start killing people. Maybe if they had some idea what guns did in the real world and had a chance to have safe vicarious experiences with them in youth, they wouldn't use them so quickly in real life.

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