Thursday, February 4, 2010

Margaux Hemingway

Margaux (later Margot) Hemingway was the granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway and the older sister of actress Mariel. Six-feet tall and built like a statue of a Greek Goddess, she was physical perfection incarnate. Such was the intensity of her gaze that the above image was sufficient to identify her.

She was a successful model, undervalued actress, and social icon all of which meant in her world that her time for glory was short. Some say she felt overshadowed by her younger sister's acting abilities. Her life was sad. She faced many personal challenges and in the end she took her life. We are all the worse for the loss because I believe that with her incredible talent she could have done anything she wanted to do and been anything she wanted to be. Her star now burns brightly in the heavens lighting the way for the rest of us.

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